[Fly] Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Playlists

I used to boycott Valentine's Day, but Cupid finally hit me square in the butt with one of those arrows a few years ago. Now my pro-Valentine's playlist is actually longer than the anti-Valentine's. Hooray for love! But for those of you still swearing off all things Valentine's, I've got you covered, too. Here are my picks for your Anti- or Pro-Valentine's playlists.

Anti-Valentine's Playlist
• "Don't Think Twice"—Bob Dylan (I prefer the cover by Susan Tedeschi)
• "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" —Wilco
• "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"—Bill Withers
• The entire "Dilate" album—Ani DiFranco (Riot Grrrl at her finest)
• "Best of You"—Foo Fighters
• "Song for the Dumped"—Ben Folds Five (a perennial break-up favorite)
• "Everyday I Love You Less and Less"—Kaiser Chiefs (cute video also)
• "I Hate Everything About You"—Ugly Kid Joe (of course!)
• "Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away"—Motley Crue
• "Love Hurts"—Nazareth

Valentine's Playlist
• "Little Wing"—Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn (either version will do)
• "In Spite of Ourselves"—John Prine and Iris Dement
• "Have a Little Faith In Me"—John Hiatt
• "Made Up Lovesong"—Guillemots
• "Miss Maybelle"—R.L. Burnside (I love that he wants to be her "hoppin' frog"!)
• "Let's Stay Together"—Al Green
• "Listening Man"—A Band of Bees
• "Grits Ain't Groceries"—Little Milton
• "Love Song"—The Cure
• "At Last"—Etta James
• "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl"—Nina Simone
• "Love Is Here to Stay"—Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

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rounding out the anti-valentine's list: "Love will Tear us Apart" - Joy Division "But not for Me" - Sarah Vaughan "Walk on By" - Dionne Warwick "I get along with you very well" - Chet Baker and for Valentine's lovers, I really like Elliott Smith's "Say Yes"


• "I Hate Everything About You"—Ugly Kid Joe (of course!) How could you not include that song! Other anti-Valentine's songs: "Fuck It", Eamon "Tainted Love", Soft Cell "Tyrone", Erykah Badu "Irreplaceable", Beyonce "The Rain", Oran "Juice" Jones "Just A Friend", Biz Markie "Does She Love That Man", Breathe "Everything You Want", Vertical Horizon "Kiss And Say Goodbye", The Manhattans "Why Don't You Get A Job", Offspring (read the lyrics and you'll see why)

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