Gannett's Cookie Cutter Web Sites

John Leek, at Cotton Mouth Blog, has linked to three Gannett sites—including The Clarion-Ledger—that all basically look just alike (although The Ledger's still manages to look the tackiest, somehow). At least Des Moines had the good sense to tweak the color scheme a bit.

Don't get too comfortable with this look: Our prediction is that they will redesign again in six months, losing all their user content once again. And with any luck, that Pluck nonsense they grafted on and whatever those things are that they loosely call "blogs." Shudder.

We're at a Web conference in San Francisco this week, and suffice it to say that these sites are not being held up as a model of ... well ... anything, except perhaps what not to do.

In Leek's words: "Fewer writers, fewer programers, less content... that's the Gannett way!"

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I tried to blog on their site the other day and they limit their entries to 1,000 characters per post. I'm really not surprised at all. The Clarion Ledger puts out half-assed articles never fully reporting anything and I guess they expect that their bloggers’ opinions should conform to the same pitiful standards.



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