Fleming's Little Secret


The home shopping Web site Cafepress.com no longer carries women's thong underwear featuring the logo of Mississippi House Rep. Erik Fleming, D-Hinds. Up until this week, anybody looking to keep Fleming close to their ... er, heart ... could grab a credit card and promote Fleming where it counts most.

Fleming told the JFP last week that the flashy crotch floss was not his idea.

"It wasn't a gag," Fleming said. "Cafepress.com has a store, and if you put your logo on there, they'll offer it on top of numerous clothing items, like T-shirts, buttons—um—thong underwear. It really wasn't my idea to have them advertise the underwear, though. I had an account with the Cafepress for the senate race. I basically switched logos over for this race, and they came up with more options for clothing. It's their discretion what they advertise it on."

Fleming said this week that he asked the company to remove the thong underwear and men's boxer shorts from sale.

"I don't think it hurt the campaign, but rather than run the risk of discussing non-issues over health care and other more important issues, we decided to remove the ammunition," Fleming told the JFP.

Cafepress.com still sports the Fleming campaign moniker on T-shirts, buttons, hats and more, but if you're looking to keep a Democrat near the naughty bits, you'll have to search elsewhere.

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I use Cafepress for my Patriotic Twist and JFD 5 products, and adding thong underwear can be an easy mistake to make if you're not careful during your upload and product selection. I checked the list of selected items before I published them. I don't think anyone would buy a thong that says "America Bless God". LOL



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