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Lenny's Sub Shop in Fondren Now Has Wi-Fi
Take your laptop out to lunch. Lenny's Sub Shop in Fondren is now serving up free Wi-Fi along with their ever-popular Philly cheese steak sandwiches. In just a few minutes, you can get a meal and go online, with the rest of your lunch break free to enjoy your lunch and surf the Web for all the things you know you're not supposed to be looking for at the office.

"We have people from Jersey and New York tell us our Philly cheese steak is as close as they have had to the ones at home," says manager Jamie Evans, "and we are always making improvements."

Lenny's boasts bigger meals for your buck. Instead of a foot-long hot dog, they make them 15 inches. The sandwiches are 7 1/2 inches instead of the usual 6. Visit any of Lenny's three locations from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. for a salad, hot dog, sub, Philly cheese steak or just a cheesecake—with a side of Wi-Fi.

Foodie's Serves to Go
Former George Street Grocery chef Cedric Long has opened up a full service grab-it-and-go way to get lunch. Foodie's opened June 21 with a new way to grab a quick lunch and much more to offer.

Foodie's is not a restaurant, though there will be seating outside the store in the future. On the hot line, you can get daily specials, Chicago-style pizza, among other dishes. There is also a full salad bar and a coffee station to accompany pastry chef Kim Allison's pastries. While you are in the store for lunch, you can plan ahead for dinner and grab a prepared meal or hard-to-find items in the grocery section. Forgot milk? It will be there, too. If you are planning a party, Foodie's will cater in your home.

Sal & Mookie's Opens
Sal & Mookie's opened April 27 in Fondren. It's a New York pizza and ice cream joint unlike any other around town that is sure to be the setting for many summer memories. There is a large patio where the whole family can enjoy pizza, ice cream or other dishes. For grown-ups, the restaurant features a full bar and a wide variety of beers on tap, including Stella Artois. Sal & Mookie's also offers pizza by the slice for those in a hurry. It's perfect for a lazy summer afternoon, and be sure to check out the lunch specials.

Foodie's, 5050 I-55 North Deville Plaza
Lenny's Sub Shop, 2820 North State Street
Sal & Mookie's, 565 Taylor Street


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