[Stiggers] Dig Deep

Ernest "Monday Night Football Head" Walker: "It looks like U.S. troops will be overseas a little while longer. Meanwhile, questions that reflect uncertainty loom in the thoughts of wondering poor and middle-class families. How will you pay the rent when the government is slow with the check, especially after your loved one returns home? The price of gasoline is high, and you ask why, as the children cry, because you can't drive to the grocery store to buy milk and cereal. I know; it's a sad-case scenario. Nevertheless, Brotha Hustle and I have an idea to eliminate the people's depressed and despondent thoughts."

Brotha Hustle: "And we call our idea the 'Juicy Juice on Ice for the Troops and Their Families' fund-raiser. Look for a 50-cent price increase of Juicy Juice to $1.

"So when you buy an ice-cold 8-ounce bottle of refreshing Juicy Juice, the monies raised will go into the 'Help the Troops Overseas and Their Families Back Home Let Me Hold Five Dollars National Bank Financial Trust Fund.'"

Ernest "Monday Night Football Head" Walker: "Adults and kids can get in on the fun of helping others by selling ice-cold Juicy Juice, using Brotha Hustle's pre-fabricated 'Juicy Juice on Ice' stand."

Brotha Hustle: "As long as there is confusion, war, price gouging and turmoil in the land this summer, get ready to dig deep in your pockets, folks."

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Man, Juicy Juice went up to a dollar? Times are hard. :-P



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