[Stiggers] Work It, Miss Wanda

Bonqweesha Jones: "Welcome to 'Lookin' Good in the 'Hood Ghetto Make Over' television show, brought to you by the Hair Did University School of Cosmetology. Tonight my H.D.U. students will transform a plain Crunchie Burga World employee into a well-dressed individual.

"But first, I must share my purpose for producing a make-over television show. In my opinion, mass media tends to depict most poor folk as individuals who do not care about their appearance. I remember when poor folk rarely let their financial status affect the way they looked.

"Before anyone attempted to photograph or videotape people like my Great Grandma Lucy Mae Jones, she made sure she looked good from head to toe—no nappy head, ashy legs or crusty feet. She epitomized what Rev. Jesse Jackson and other poor folk chanted in the 1970s: 'I may be poor, but I am somebody!'

"Therefore, my mission, in 2007, is to restore the beauty, dignity and confidence of a people, often portrayed as social outcasts on the newspaper front page and television screen. I hope that the 'Lookin' Good in the 'Hood Ghetto Make Over' broadcast will provide a new and redeeming view of the financially challenged individual.

"I present the new Miss Wanda, senior greeter and part-time cook at Crunchie Burga World. Now she looks like a million dollars—dressed to impress, wearing gold that glimmers from the top of her hat to the tips of her shoes. Work it, Miss Wanda!"


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