[Stiggers] Imus Be Dreaming

Readin' Rain-Bro: "Will bicycles become the transportation alternative for the financially challenged individual who cannot afford to pay $3 for a gallon of gas? I might not have the answer to this question, but I do know critical thoughts regarding certain events will become hot topics this summer."

"My mission is to stimulate the fertile minds of critical thinkers with suggested readings for the Summer Book Enrichment Series.

"'Don't Be-Weave the Hype: Black Women's Natural Hair Styles on the Basketball Court,' by Boneqweesha Jones (Hair-Did University Press, 2007) is a book documenting the creative hair styles of intelligent and hard-working African American women basketball players between 1970 and 2007.

"'Leave the Straightening Comb Alone: The Legend of Lawanna B. White,' by Cousin Church Hat Lady, is a biography of the first African American female basketball player who sported an Afro-Puff hairstyle at a predominately white university.

"'Imus Be Dreaming: Revenge of the Nappy Headed Hos,'" by professor Cookie "Rahsheeda X" Toby, is a fictional book about a controversial shock-jock radio personality who makes a racial slur, falls into a deep sleep and awakens inside the locker room of a predominantly African American female college basketball team led by coach Oprah. The 'Sista Gurls' are angry and armed with plenty of basketballs. Run, Imus, run!

"I would certainly be in error if I didn't mention that Lynne Cheney writes some very poignant standard English introductions for each book.

"Happy reading, critical thinkers!"

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Unbe-weave-able! :-D



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