Pour For Flavor

I'm thrilled to see the many great beers that are becoming available in Mississippi. Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat, for example, is spring in a bottle. I will warn you, though, that you may have a hard time finding it in your local stores because I have been buying all that I come across.

When I picked up my first Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat a couple of weeks ago, I had my doubts that it could compare with any of the Colorado micro-brewed wheat ales. Much to my surprise, it holds its own on the palate. To develop this beer's natural goodness, I used proper pouring technique: pour two-thirds straight to the bottom of a pint glass, swirl the remaining contents in the bottle and then top off the glass. As I poured it, I could already smell the bouquet of citrus flavors: They just popped. While drinking this fine beverage, the flavor never became overwhelming or too heavy to be enjoyable. The flavor accompanied my Dijon Honey Hen very well.

Some folks like their wheat beer with a slice of orange or lemon, but I personally take the beer for what it is. Just remember to pour this one with the proper technique, or you'll miss half of the experience. This week the fiancée has suggested doing it on the porch. With weather like this you can't pass up the chance to grill and enjoy a few beers with good company whilst lounging outside.


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