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My musical taste is about as eclectic as my wardrobe and the decorations in the tiny cottage where I live. Old school soul, hand-clapping gospel, soothing jazz, socially conscious hip-hop or saintly classical—it's all on my iPod.

So, I'm going to put iTunes on shuffle right now, list the first five songs—I'll try not to cheat—and tell you why they're important to me.

John Legend, "Number One" (Get Lifted) Ironically, this nouveau-legend's sophomore release drops this week. Simply put, the song is clever. Whoever would have thought a song that so unapologetically justifies being unfaithful could make a woman like me bob her head?

Lisa McClendon, "Who Can Love You More" (Live From the House of Blues) This album is epitomical fusion of jazz and gospel. Issues that are often taboo for church folks, McClendon addresses. Low self-esteem, abuse, divorce, it's all there.

Maroon 5, "Secret" (Songs About Jane) Track nine is poetically sultry. It tells my story about the time I met this really cool guy who … never mind—now's not the time for too much divulging. I wonder what they're waiting on to release a new project.

Skipp Coon, "Talking Calm" (A Change Gon' Come) Since this CD was just reviewed, I won't write much about it. One of my favorite lines, though, is "Slaves are slaves, whether they house or they field." It reminds me to watch what I'm fighting for.

Jill Scott, "Easy Conversation" (Brown Sugar Soundtrack) Maybe I'm narcissistic, but this song reminds me of myself, too. I seem to be difficult for humans of the male persuasion to understand. Finding one who actually gets me when I'm just being myself, whoever that is at the time, is worth singing about.

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You mentioned John Legend. I love that new song he has out now.

golden eagle


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