The Movie Cast: Where Are They Now?

<b>Jonathan Adams - Dr. Everett Von Scott</b>

Um… dead (maybe this list shouldn't be in alphabetical order). Adams was a British actor who played a number of roles in British TV and Films, but is best known for his RHPS role. He died last year.

Barry Bostwick - Brad Majors

He's still acting in TV and films, notably as a amazingly deadpan, airhead mayor in the sitcom "Spin City." At the risk of repeating myself, he's best known for his RHPS role. Rumor has it he kept the size 11 platform shoes.

Nell Campbell - Columbia

Australian "Little" Nell has appeared in movies and plays and has six pop singles to her credit. If I told you she's best known for her role in RHPS, would you believe me?

Tim Curry - Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Tim Curry seems to have become really, really good at voice-overs and playing hapless villians. He's been heard and/or seen in dozens of films, and on Broadway, but he's best known for his role in (wait for it…) RHPS.

Charles Gray - The Criminologist

Ooops… another dead guy. Gray died in 2000, after appearing in two James' Bond movie ("You Only Live Twice" and "Diamonds are Forever"), RHPS, and the '81 sequel, "Shock Treatment." Don't make me say it.

Peter Hinwood – Rocky

One of the few who really hates that he was in RHPS, Hinwood allegedly had no acting experience before playing Rocky—which may explain his lack of lines. Rumor has it he's an antiques dealer somewhere in the U.K.

Meat Loaf - Eddie

You'd have to have lived under a rock for many years not to know that Meat Loaf went on to fame and fortune on Broadway and as a rock star. "Bat Out of Hell" has supposedly sold more albums than Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It's a shame what a little kiddy-porn can do to a career.

Richard O'Brien - Riff Raff

O'Brien wrote the original "Rocky Horror" stage play, and has been living off the stage and screen proceeds for years now.

Patricia Quinn - Magenta

It's Quinn's lips you see at the beginning of RHPS, and she's best known for (no, no, noooo) her role in RHPS. The former playboy bunny appeared in such blockbusters as "The Meaning of Life" and "I, Claudius." This year, she's reportedly a London club kitten.

Susan Sarandon - Janet Weiss

Drum roll, please… Sarandon is NOT best known for her role in RHPS, although RHPS seems to have been her breakthrough role. She's living in sin with hunky Tim Robbins and has had two children with him.

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I'm glad to see you mention "Shock Treatment" at least once. And that's enough.

Brent Cox

"Shock Treatment" is a horrid movie. Once is more than enough. :)

Lady Havoc


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