[New Releases] A. F. I. "Decemberunderground"

A. F. I. — "Decemberunderground"

A. F. I. (A Fire Inside) is back on the scene strong as ever, and the listening audience can expect this album to resemble their last, "Sing the Sorrow." The beauty of the band's regretless and ever-morphing art is infused with familiar, characteristic deeply melancholic lyrics written by the poet Davey Havok.

There are no hard-and-fast covers of lewdly titled Misfits songs, no Mohawks and no devil-locks here. The overall mood is formed with wailing guitars and haunting vocals that create a surprisingly more stark and despondent feel and sound. Think winter tree limbs and lace.

The first single released, "Miss Murder," has not only the predictably suspicious title of a morbid nature, but a jaunty chorus and impressive screamo yell from Davey at the song's climax. Other songs are not as wholesome; "Affliction" begins with throat-grating screams right before the band moans, "Lover, I am loveless" to twanging guitars. And sure to shed tears, "Endlessly, She Said," at the album's close is a heart-wrenching ballad full of gossamer non sequitur references beautifully sprinkled throughout.
— Cheniece Smith

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A little late on this but I just found this piece.. The "new" AFI album rocks and is my fav-o-rite in rotation.. even a month later!



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