Cards Headed For World Series (Mets Still Suck)

Here's how the out-of-town papers saw it:

Let's hear it for the Redbirds. The St. Louis Cardinals are headed for the World Series, where they will face the Detroit Tigers (Cards in six). It's the Cards' second NL pennant in three years. This World Series is a rematch of the 1968 Series. The Cards lost that one to the Tigers, leading to much childhood trauma for young Doctor S. What makes this one even sweeter for Cardinals fans is that they beat the loathsome Mets in Game 7 at Shea Stadium. How do you like that worm in your Big Apple?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Cardinals look to the future
New York Post: Cards send Mets home
New York Daily News: Met cemetery
Newsday: Met their match


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