[New Releases] Skipp Coon "A Change Gon' Come"

When first listening to Skipp Coon's new album, "A Change Gon' Come," I was immediately hit by his complex, but clearly laid-out flow, and I couldn't help but notice—dude is one hell of a lyricist.

With the opening cut, "Live from Seven," he proceeds to show off his skills with one continuous verse letting you know his flow is one to be reckoned with. With tight production that is at times reminiscent of the late, great J Dilla, but with a sound that is all Skipp, the audience is left with the impression of an artist in tune with the community of Jackson, as well as the state of society at large. Orchestrated over a backdrop of often-laid-back but well-timed beats, Skipp's words convince you that change may actually come.

The album's title is fitting and exhibits Skipp's acknowledgment of a need for revolution, along with his drive to see it come to fruition. Through commentary and criticism of our leadership from the president down to our local cowboy-in-chief, Skipp keeps us entertained. In "Gangsta S**t," the artist mentions real "gangstas" who could even have our president scared—Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, or, get this, actual community involvement.

Tracks that made the biggest impression on me are "Hip-Hop," with his true dedication to Mississippi "from the Delta to the Coast" and "I'm Just Skipp." This track is nothing less than an expression of who Skipp really is: "He ain't telling lies to fit."

With this new album, the self-titled "mayor of Jackson" gives a winning artistic offering in his effort for change.


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