New Releases: Various Artists "Crunk Hits-Crunk and Disorderly"

Various Artists — "Crunk Hits – Crunk and Disorderly" The 2005 edition of "Crunk Hits-Crunk and Disorderly" from TVT Records features several of the South's hottest MCs, including Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, the Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull, T.I. and Three 6 Mafia. This album begins with a high energetic vibe that promises to keep you moving, yet that vibe seems to waver on more moderate tracks such as Juvenile's "Slow Motion" and Killer Mike's "A.D.I.D.A.S." which calms the album's tempo. This, in fact, may take away from the versatility of "Crunk Hits" (which is the point of such an album with various hits) along with the album's flow from one song to the next, making it hard to play straight through. However, this is a decent pick for listening to while performing a monotonous daily task, exercising or more importantly, to liven up a dead house party. Yet, whatever the reason for adding a crunk album to a personal collection, "Crunk Hits – Crunk and Disorderly" is questionable at best when compared to most and is therefore subject to judgment by the individual's own personal taste.
— Adrienne Hearn


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