Best CD's of 2005

Herman's Best of 2005

2. Bloc Party- "Silent Alarm"
3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"
4. Broadcast- "Tender Buttons"
5. The New Pornographers- "Twin Cinema"
6. Sufjan Stevens- "Illinois"
7. Death Cab for Cutie- "Plans"
8. Mountain Goats- "The Sunset Tree"
9. LCD Soundsystem- "LCD Soundsystem"
10. Ladytron- "Witching Hour"
11. Franz Ferdinand- "You Could Have It So Much Better"
12. Rogue Wave- "Descended Like Vultures"
13. Calla- "Collisions"
14. Gravenhurst- "Fires in Distant Buildings"
15. Arab Strap- "The Last Romance"
16. Fischerspooner- "Odyssey"
17. Matt Pond PA- "Several Arrows Later"
18. Spoon- "Gimme Fiction"
19. Garden- "Round and Round"
20. Joy Zipper- "American Whip"
21. Low- "The Great Destroyer"
22. Stars- "Set Yourself On Fire"
23. Architecture in Helsinki- "In Case We Die"
24. The American Analog Set- "Set Free"
25. Animal Collective – "Feels"
26. My Morning Jacket- "Z"
27. The Go-Betweens- "Oceans Apart"
28. Art Brut- "Bang Bang Rock & Roll"
29. Jens Lekman- "Oh Your'e So Silent Jens"

Alex's Best of 2005

1. Stars- "Set Yourself On Fire"
2. Bloc Party- "Silent Alarm"
3. Wolf Parade- "Apologies to the Queen Mary"
4. Broadcast- "Tender Buttons"
5. Caribou- "The Milk of Human Kindness"
6. Arab Strap- "The Last Romance"
7. Garden- "Round and Round"
8. Hood- "Outside Clear"
9. Gravenhurst- "Fires in Distant Buildings"
10. LCD Soundsystem- "LCD Soundsystem"
11. Rogue Wave- "Descended Like Vultures"
12. Ladytron- "Witching Hour"
13. Sufjan Stevens- "Illinois"
14. Joy Zipper- "American Whip"
15. Autechre- "Untilted"


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