Legislature Funding a ‘Field of Dreams'

It's amazing the lengths these yucks will go in order to try to make up for the precious manufacturing jobs lost in the state due to NAFTA madness. And, thanks, Haley for your role in that, dude. Ledge:

The Mississippi House approved a contentious $14.5 million proposal Thursday to buy land in northeast Mississippi, hoping to score an auto plant. The success of the bill — criticized for sparking regional jealousies — already has one Delta representative wanting similar aid for an auto plant site near Tunica.

Representatives from northeast Mississippi begged their colleagues to support House Bill 206, allowing the purchase of 1,700 acres as a potential auto plant site. There is no current prospect.
"This is a field of dreams," Rep. Pat Montgomery, D-Pontotoc, said. "If we build it, they will come."

Supporters say Wellspring can replace furniture industry jobs lost to overseas plants.

Under the bill, the state will issue $14.5 million in bonds to purchase and prepare 1,700 acres in Pontotoc, Union and Lee counties. The three counties must put $4.5 million into the project.


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