Abortion Foes Want More Restrictions

The Associated Press is reporting:

Anti-abortion groups will ask lawmakers to require a doctor or doctor's assistant to offer women the opportunity to view fetal ultrasound imaging and hear the heartbeat of their unborn children at least 24 hours before an abortion. The Legislature convenes Tuesday.

The ultrasound could be an effective tool to "pull at the heart strings" of a mother to change her mind, said state Rep. Carmel Wells-Smith, R-Pascagoula, an anti-abortion-rights advocate.

The question is how much interest lawmakers will show toward abortion issues, especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which has prompted many coastal residents, including Wells-Smith and other lawmakers, to shift their focus toward rebuilding their lives and homes.

Lawmakers are weary and abortion-rights advocates might just say, "We've given you all this, can't you just lay off of us for a while?" Wells-Smith said.

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A reminder to read Casey Parks' excellent feature on Mississippi's anti-abortion movement.



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