Ellis Headed For Payday

Monta Ellis, the former Lanier High star who jumped straight to the NBA last year, was doing an interview live on ESPN on Friday, which ended abruptly when a Golden State Warriors teammate hit him in the face with a shaving-cream pie. While Ellis recovers (he had to stop the interview after getting soap in his eyes), the Warriors have to ponder what they're going to do with him. Ellis is on his way to becoming a star, which means the Warriors are going to have to pay dearly to hang on to him. That could be a problem, Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle writes:

The Warriors have hefty deals in place with Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Adonal Foyle -- almost all of whom have had less impact than Ellis, who is making the league minimum ...

Merry Christmas, Monta.


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