[Stiggers] Hell On Earth

G-SPAN television presents "The Ghetto Science Team's Working Poor People's Economic State of Emergency Summit," with closing remarks by Grandpa Pookie.

Grandpa Pookie: "Today I witnessed police arresting a poor man for stealing a box of Bubba Robinski's mini-microwavable sausage biscuits from the frozen food section of the Pork-N-Piggly supermarket. I asked him why he stole the sausage biscuits. He answered: 'I'm so poor. I don't know what to do any more. If victims of the greedy continue to catch '7734' on earth, the whole world will be doomed because the poor will always be with you. Just flip 7734 around; you'll know what I mean.'

"As the police drove away with their suspect, I reviewed my Pork-N-Piggly grocery receipt and discovered that I spent a good portion of my Social Security money on basic food items. I had barely enough cash left to pay the utilities, telephone and insurance. Now I understand what that man said and realize that business people, wage earners and the unemployed have become victims within a greedy society. If we don't look within ourselves and resolve our own issues, life for all of us will be like 'Hell' or shall I say '7734' on earth."

Grandma Pookie: "Thank you, Grandpa Pookie. This concludes our summit. We have plenty of Bubba Robinski's soybean sausage biscuits and Juan Valdez in the Country coffee at the snack table."

Ken Stiggers is a TV producer in Jackson and co-host of The Lyric Lounge Thursday nights at Santiago's.


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