"Untilted," Autechre

Rob Brown and Sean Booth have recorded as Autechre since 1991, starting out as a hip-hop influenced electronica act and evolving into the highly revered, state-of-the-art experimental IDM staple that they are now. Their last 2 proper albums, 2001's densely abstract "Confield" and 2003's more listener friendly "Draft 7.30," are more dependent on texture than melody or rhythm. Their latest, "Untilted" [un-TILT-ed, not un-TITL-ed], sees them merge the fractal and disintegrative sound-scapes of the last two albums around the playful percussive funkiness heard on "LP5" and "EP7-" it is experimental without being arid. For fans of older Autechre releases [1995's "Tri-Repetae" and earlier], this certainly isn't a return to the ambient sounds of yesteryear. Fans of their newer work, however, will find it a masterful blend of all the elements Ae have been working on and perfecting for the last 7 years. This is essential listening, one of the best Autechre albums to date. - Alex Slawson and Herman Snell


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