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THE CONCRETES TO RELEASE US-ONLY RARITIES COLLECTION ON JULY 26. LAYOURBATTLEAXEDOWN CONTAINS NEW VIDEO FOR THE CONCRETES' HIT, "SAY SOMETHING NEW," FEATURED IN THE POPULAR TARGET AD CAMPAIGN. "The Swedish octet The Concretes are exquisitely anti-rock and pro-pop, brand new and unique…More like a weird family than a conventional pop-group, their sound is full but somehow minimal, melancholic, warm, and conspiratorial." — Flaunt

In the summer of 2004, Stockholm's The Concretes released a self-titled, creative feat of an album that not only blew critics away, but gleefully opened ears across to country to a whole new sound — an ethereal, sparkling, timeless blend of Phil Spector, Mazzy Star, and the bittersweet cold weather of their Swedish countryside. On July 26th, Astralwerks will release a US exclusive b-sides and rarities compilation from The Concretes entitled Layourbattleaxedown. This is the correct spelling (with one y missing), not unlike their Boyoubetterunow singles collection released by Seattle's Up Records in 2000.

Lovingly pieced together from overseas-only releases and unreleased material that was once lost but thankfully found, Layourbattleaxedown was recently compiled and mastered in Stockholm to create a cohesive album that glowingly stands on its own as a whole, unique work.

The title, Layourbattleaxedown comes from the song "The Warrior" which is the fourth track on the album. All of the songs on this special release have existed as b-sides from the numerous singles released in the UK, with the exception of five previously unreleased tracks that are noted below. Songs like "Forces," "Under Your Leaves," "Lady December," "The Warrior" and "Seems Fine Shuffle" have made their way into the recent US live shows and radio performances on KCRW and KEXP this past October.

The band has created a brand new video for "Say Something New," the first song on their debut self titled album and the song currently heard in the ubiquitous Target ads. You will find the video on Layourbattleaxedown, among the following glorious treats:

1. Forces (from the "Forces" single)
2. Sugar (from the Nationalgeographic EP) *
3. Lady December (from the Warm Night EP)
4. The Warrior (from the Warm Night EP)
5. Miss You (originally appeared on the We Love You compilation, a tribute to The Rolling Stones)
6. Oh Baby (from the Nationalgeographic EP) *
7. Sand (from the Nationalgeographic EP) *
8. Free Ride (from the Nationalgeographic EP) *
9. Branches (b-side from the "Forces" single)
10. Under Your Leaves (from the Nationalgeographic EP) *
11. Seems Fine Shuffle (from the Warm Night EP)
* = the Nationalgeographic EP was initially slated for released through Above Ground Records in 2001, but the original recordings were lost.


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