[Stiggers] Battle of The Black Iron Skillet Chefs

Live from the kitchen of Clubb Chicken Wing, it's the premiere of the Ghetto Science Team's Black Iron Skillet Chef cooking competition show with Sista Church Hat.

Sista Church Hat: "It's on like a pot of collard greens and ham hocks in here! Our finalists have prepared some mouth-watering dishes that might make you want to smack yo' momma and daddy! Let's hear from our Black Iron Skillet Chefs."

Chef Fat Meat: "Enjoy my Fat Meat Home-made Ghetto Combo! It's a quarter-pound ground-beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo between two slices of white bread with fat fries and garnished with fresh dill-pickle slices. And don't forget to wash this meal down with an ice cold glass of extra sweet kiwi-lemon-lime Kool-Aid."

Chef Beansprout: "For the healthy eaters, enjoy my mesquite barbeque tofu strips, a side salad (topped with vinaigrette dressing), blue corn chips and a cold glass of honey sweetened green tea."

Chef Qweem-O-Wheat: "Dr. King and the March on Washington inspired this breakfast treat. While cooking a big, hot pot of Qweemy, Qweem-O-Wheat for the 'peoples,' I accidentally stirred in a bag of chocolate chips. Any way, Dr. King and the marchers enjoyed dee-wishous hot bowls of the meal that I call Black-N-White Together (Chocolate Chips mixed with Qweem-O-Wheat), served with a sausage biscuit and hot coffee."

Sista Church Hat: "The hungry judges say it's a tie. I'm starving! See ya next time on the Black Iron Skillet Chef Show."

Ken Stiggers is a television producer in Jackson and the co-host of The Lyric Lounge Thursday nights at Santiago's.

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This is Ken thanking those folk who respond to my crazy stories in this forum and others who tell me in person that they read my crazy column. And a special thank you to Sis. Donna and Bro. Todd for giving me the opportunity to write and express myself to the "peoples." Peace, Love and Universal Understanding from your resident satirist Ken Stiggers



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