"Axes," Electrelane

This Brighton 4-piece formed in 1998 to revive the fem-core movement in a unique way- one more diverse and lasting than the riot-grrl movement that preceded them some 5 years before. Using the quintessential Too Pure drone-on freestyle jam and an improvisational spirit, along with early Stereolab instrumentation [moog, farfisa and saxophone to name a few], their intense grooves helped solidify their presence on the British indie scene. On 2004's "The Power Out," Electrelane created a truly accomplished and beautiful album. Their latest, "Axes," is more of a back to the Kraut Rock roots endeavor, somewhat raw and unpolished on the surface, and a must for fans of Th' Faith Healers, early Stereolab, Quickspace and Pram. -- Herman Snell and Alex Slawson


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