[Jacktown] What's New in the Streets, by Alphonso Mayfield

The biggest deal over the last month was Louie from "Louie's Wild Weekend" coming to town to interview cats for a book that he is penning on Southern hip-hop. Interviews will also be aired on his show in the UK. "Louie's Wild Weekend" is a very popular English show where the host spoofs different areas of popular culture. Imagine a British version of the Ali G show. This isn't the first time Jacksonians have appeared on the show. The Godfather himself, Mello T, appeared in an episode a while back.

I recently heard from Troy Dampeer of TroyStyle Entertainment on behalf of his artist Suede 1. If you have been in Jackson for a minute you probably have heard of Suede; he's done music with Illabobcain, Decade, Exit Only, Malice, Jay Clipp and DJ Phingaprint. So look out for a new project by Suede 1 coming soon. Feygens Saint-Joy Jr., vice president of Among Friends Records Inc., also informed me of a new compilation the label has coming out entitled "The Among Friends Roster Compilation Vol.1," which showcases the artists B-Locks, G.P. Louis, E&J Blood Brothaz.

On the national scene, of course, the album of choice these days is the new opus by Nashville, excuse me, Cash-Ville native Young Buck. The album, Straight Outta Cashville," is probably the hottest thing on the streets these days unless your name happens to be Chamillionare. You may want to cop the bootleg version of this album just to hear Ludacris and T.I. trade verbal jabs on the same song entitled "Stomp" (the much-discussed version of the song not on the retail version). So get the legit version and then holla at Bootleg Joe for the illegal, I mean, pirate version.

One of the most anticipated albums of the year is the latest release of Queens Bridge representer Nas. The album entitled "Street Disciple" was originally intended to be a double disc, but I have heard from two pretty good sources that the album will probably be narrowed down to a more cohesive single disc. The album features guest appearances by Bravehearts, Outkast, Pharoah Monch, Alicia Keys, Nashawn, Lake, Kelis and production by DJ Premier, Large Professor, Salaam Remi, L.E.S., Ron Browz, The Alchemist, Bastiany, Bruce Wayne, Swizz Beats and Pete Rock.

In my last column, I reported that the name of Smoke D's new label is Guerilla Family Music; the actual title is God Family Music. Thanks to Rico Walton from the label for clearing that up. Rico also told me that the label has not signed Kamikaze. The two, however, are in the negotiation stage.

Lastly, I want to shout out to a good friend of mine, Charlie Braxton, who gave me some words of encouragement recently during a particularly tough personal matter. I just want to say thanks and don't worry about your boy; like the immortal Geto Boys, I Can't be Stopped. Holla.

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Some 411 : Ali G is a Brit from a British show. He moved to America and HBO when he no longer could pull it off without people knowing who he & his alter-egos are. Thats why he picks places like Mississippi to go do (He's been to Ms. on 2 episodes), so he is less likely to run into fans who know his characters are characters. Boyakasha !


I was reading the JFP the other day when I saw the name Suede 1. Just to make a correction his album is in all Bebops NOW! I've heard it and it doesn't sound like he's from Mississippi....I mean that he does not rap about garbage, loose women, money, cars, bling and all that other negative stuff. He is actually rapping about some real stuff. Also I been in deep search for additional new about this artist and word on the street is that he's doing something big with some people in ATL that will introduce him to the world. Wow...all that good talent from MS.....Why is he getting more spins in Bham than Jacktown? Why?



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