[Stiggers] The Honeymoon Phase: Calm Before the Storm

We interrupt "Rikki Lakeside and Jerry Springtymer Present Outrageous Talk Show Guests and Their Problems" to bring you a special message from Bro. Kunta "Rasheed X" Toby, producer of a new documentary film on PBS (Peoples Broadcast System):

My Caucasian counterpart, Michael Moore, surely made this summer hotter than July with the debut of "Fahrenheit 9/11." While Mr. Moore heats up the American public, M.C. George Bushy and company might just sweat profusely up to election time. And although some mass media conglomerates will try to put Mr. Moore's film on ice, I, Bro. Kunta "Rasheed X" Toby, will keep the fire burning with my upcoming indie film "The Honeymoon Phase: Calm before the Storm."

During the first half of the summer, most poor Americans have been abused and slapped senseless with a struggling economy, high fuel prices, numerous scandals and various levels of fear. Enter the Honeymoon Phase, a fa├žade of lower fuel prices, an improving economy and greater national security before the November election. Meanwhile, Grandma Toby and Grandpa Kunta wait patiently for their medical supplies via the ad on the Jack LaLane Power Juicer infomercial. Also, the restricted working poor and unemployed sink into a whirlpool of debt while affluent SUV owners joyride on the highways. Yes, America enjoys this honeymoon, but the question is: When will it be over? This is what my film is all about.

Look out for my film "The Honeymoon Phase: Calm Before the Storm," a thought-provoking blockbuster coming to a society near you!

Ken Stiggers is a television producer in Jackson.


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