JFP Web Traffic Skyrockets in June!

Helped in part by the intense interest in the F9/11 campaign, traffic to the JFP Web site again jumped dramatically in June. We averaged 801 visits and 2,634 page views a day. Total visits for June were 24,088 and total page views were 79,040! We also signed up lots of new members and have a blog thread that is vying to be our most-commented entry ever. Before the F9/11 campaign grew from the blog, the site was on track to break the previous month's record, but not as dramatically as the numbers came in. We've averaged more than 1,000 visits a day in the last week with no end in site. Media coverage also seemed to have helped drive up traffic coming back from the Fahrenheit 601 site and draw us new members and blog participants. Cheers to all the regular bloggers who are helping build the site into a viable media outlet in its own right, separate from the print edition. We're daily, and we're weekly. (Hell, often we're hourly!) ;-D

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I'll soon be releasing the stats on the 601 project including any curiosities... I'll post them here also for the sake of doing it. I do know with the help of all linking sites, Fahrenheit 601 was in Google's database within an hour of the domain going live. People pay serious money for that kind of attention from Google and we managed it within a fraction of time with the help of so many people.



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