"Medulla," Bjork

Reviewed by Alex Slawson and Herman Snell

Bjork has always been the name on everyone's tongue- Icelandic pixie eternal and diva of cutting edge electronic music. After 2001's intimate masterpiece, "Vespertine," fans were evenly divided. Most thought that she should return to the sound of "Post" and "Homogenic." As always, Bjork continues to defy all expectations with "Medulla." Not one instrument was used in recording. Instead, imagine a soundscape created solely with voices- an Inuit throat singer, an Icelandic choir, the world's greatest human beatboxes, and, of course, Bjork. This may very well be her most groundbreaking release to date, but as with most classics, will probably be shunned by all but her diehard fans. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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