JFP Index: Who Is Watching?

• Number of government surveillance programs currently in operation: 14

• Year that Congress voted to de-fund the "Total Information Awareness" surveillance program due to civil liberties concerns: 2003
• Year that the Pentagon admitted it planned to continue "TIA-like activities ... outside public view": 2004
• Number of Florida residents a test-run of the "MATRIX" database program flagged as "having a statistical likelihood of being terrorists": 120,000
• Estimated value of contracts that will be given to companies for "anti-terror" projects each year until 2010, in billions: $150
Number of lobbyists hired by corporations to secure homeland security contracts: 569
• Number of communities that have passed resolutions opposing the Patriot Act and other "unconstitutional" surveillance programs: 344
Source: Institute for Southern Studies, southernstudies.org


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