Fall Trends: What You Need to Know

Hotter than the Olson Twins Turning 18:

Fashion: Tweed, or its textile counterpart bouclé, dressed down with dark denim and pumps make an easy outfit choice for the college fashionista who can either wear it to a class presentation or that new club opening. For you guys, a simple change from that boring denim and tee combination will be a nice pair of black pinstripe pants. You can wear these with everything from flip flops to cowboy boots.

Music: Here's a plan: go buy albums from bands like Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Pixies, and Fugazi.

Language: Pop open that dusty dictionary on your shelf and expand your vocabulary.
Flew Out Last Season like Janet's Boob:

Fashion: Fake Louis Vuittons, clunky-chunky-monkey shoes, clear bra straps, clear shoes, trucker hats, light washed denim, and Wallabees with khaki pants.

Music: Destroy all of those emo albums in your CD case. We do not need to hear about your bad choices in music, nor do the people sitting in traffic next to you. So give the boot to all of those punk-wannabes like Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan.

Language: Dump phrases like "bling bling" and "fo shizzle my nizzle." These have lost all appeal.


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