Elliott Smith's Final Album

Nick Patch reports: "The Los Angeles Times has reported that Elliott Smith's final album, titled "From a Basement on the Hill", will be released on October 18. However, it seems to have been pared down from its originally reported double-album status, and will now be released as a single disc. The record, as most of you are probably aware, had been mostly completed before Smith's death from a (possibly) self-inflicted stabwound to the chest last October, but was not yet in a condition suitable for release." More...

Here is the track list for "From a Basement on the Hill":

"Coast to Coast"
"Let's Get Lost"
"Pretty (Ugly Before)"
"Don't Go Down"
"Strung Out Again"
"Fond Farewell"
"King's Crossing"
"Ostriches & Chirping"
"A Passing Feeling"
"Last Hour"
"Shooting Star"
"Memory Lane"
"Little One"
"A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity To Be Free"

.: Elliott Smith: http://www.elliottsmith.com
.: Barsuk: http://www.barsuk.com
.: Sweet Adeline: http://www.sweetadeline.net

Elliott Smith- "From a Basement on the Hill". One of the most profound songwriters of our generation, Elliott Smith died of a self inflicted stab wound to the chest on October 21, 2003. This highly anticipated posthumous release is due out on October 19, merely days from the one year anniversary of his untimely death. Contained in these recordings are material written during Elliott's "Figure 8" tour [2000] and includes the unreleased studio work preceeding his death. What else can be said other than this is an exemplary volume in the discography of an exemplary musician. -- Herman Snell and Alex Slawson


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