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Just moving to Jackson and unsure of where to go? Check out our readers' picks for the Best of Jackson from earlier this year.

It's Friday night, and you're willing to wander out into Jackson to catch some local music. Only names like Living Better Electrically and Still Stanley mean nothing to you. According to JFP readers, the musicians you should be checking out first are bluesman Eddie Cotton, harmonica player Scott Albert Johnson, jazz/blues bassist Barry Leach and folk performer Sherman Lee Dillon (who ran for governor last fall as the Green candidate. He lost).

Your art history teacher has encouraged you to write a paper on Jackson artists, but you don't know where to find them! JFP readers rank Gallery 119 (3017 North State St., 366-5141) as the best Jackson has to offer, with Brown's Fine Art (630 Fondren Place, 982-4844), Nunnery's (426 Meadowbrook Road, 981-4426) and the Art of State (3310 North State St.) following closely behind.

If you've screwed up big time with that girl you met at the frat party two weeks ago, you're going to want to buy her flowers (among other things). Greenbrook Flowers (705 North State St., 352-5743) received top props in our survey, but Green Floral (210 East Capitol St., 969-4050) and Whitley's (740 Lakeland Dr., 362-8844) held their own, too.

Your momma's right. Everyone at school does like you. The only problem is, now you can't study at school without being tempted by your friends. Check out one of the JFP readers' favorite parks for a nice quiet reading spot: LeFleur's Bluff, Parham Bridges or Laurel Street Park.

You transfer students have already hit the age of legality, and you're ready to unwind with a nice (cheap) bottle of Chardonnay. According to JFP readers, the best place to get it is at Briarwood Mart Wines & Spirits (4949 Old Canton Road, 956-5108). Check out Kat's Wine Cellar (901 E. Fortification, 354-9181) and Saik's Package Liquor (5834-A Ridgewood Road, 956-5078), too, for variety.

Now that mom and dad aren't breathing down your neck, you can finally get that neck decorated—with tattoos. Squench's (3780 I-55 South, 372-2800) is top-notch according to readers, but Eternal Body Art (3611 I-55 South, 346-5963) is pretty bitchin', too.

Everyone at school has that same perfect shirt you got from American Eagle. Try a local thrift store instead to find something that nobody else has. JFP Readers suggest Salvation Army (110 Presto Lane, 968-3987), NUTS (114 Millsaps Ave., 355-7458), Hudson's (3366 Terry Road, 371-0037) and Goodwill (426 North Bierdeman Road, 939-8726).

Yeah, that shaggy frat-boy haircut is pretty cute, but eventually it's just going to look sloppy. Tell your parents nice hair makes for nice grades and head out to Barnette's (Banner Hall, 362-9550). If they're too packed to pencil you in, try Russell's (449 Northpark Dr., 899-8892) or Bridges Salon (361 Towne Center Blvd., 957-8713).

You finally made up with that girl from the party. She loved the flowers, but now she expects you to take her somewhere nice. JFP readers are willing to help you out. They suggest Nick's (1501 Lakeland Dr., 981-8017), Shapley's (868 Centre St., 957-3753), Bravo (Highland Village, 982-8111) or Amerigo's (142 Highland Circle, 956-9562).

After taking her out to eat say you barely have enough money to survive for the rest of the weekend. JFP readers, you can eat excellent food on small budgets with the big-ass burritos at Moe's Grill (1405 Old Square Road, 713-3767), the falafels and other Greek fare at Keifer's (705 Poplar Blvd., 355-6825) or the noodle soups and popular Vietnamese options at Saigon Noodle (2640 Lakeland Dr., 420-4848). And whether or not you're veggie, you'll love Jackson's best burgers. Stamps Superburgers (4654 McWillie Dr., 713-3020; 1801 Dalton St., 352-4555) won top honors for best burger and best veggie burger, and all the ways they cook potatoes are to die for.

You've been practicing in your dorm room all semester, and it's time to get out and shake that behind. You'll find our readers ready to shake it along with you at Headliners (formerly The Forum) (6107 Ridgewood Road, 957-6110), 105 Capitol (105 E. Capitol St., 969-1110) (same owners and clientele as the now-defunct Crazy 8's in Byram) and Jack & Jills (3911 Northview Dr., 982-5225; gay and straight clientele).

It's time to study again, but you need some coffee to keep you awake while you ingest the history of Paleolithic Art. Check out Cups (Several locations, led by Fondren flagship), Video Café (1808 N. State St., 352-3939) or the Gravity Coffeehouse in Clinton (202 W. Leake St., 925-9808) for the best java around.


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