[Stiggers] Meet Ghetto-Economist Pookie Peters

Welcome to "Ghetto-nomics 101": The common people's show! I'm yo' ghetto-economist Pookie "Hustler International" Peters. My guest is grandma Peterz, affectionately known as Grandma Pookie. She will share on surviving in a struggling economy.

Pookie: "Federal Reserve Chairman Alan 'Greenpants' said high prices caused consumer folk to tighten up on spending this summer. Grandma, share with us what you do to make ends meet."

Grandma Pookie: "We senior citizens, who survived hard times during the prime of our lives, always knew what to do. We did what we could with what we had."

Pookie: "What did you have?"

Grandma Pookie: "Our talents, resources and stuff. We worked hard and saved our money. We spent money on what we needed. Our stankin' dirty behinds needed soap to stay clean. Food nourished us after we worked like plow mules. Clothes covered our worn-out bodies. Shelter protected us from the elements. Over the past 60 years, Madison Avenue tricked and hustled yawl from the wisdom of your elders."

Pookie: "Grandma, tell us what we need to know."

Grandma Pookie: "Hard times forces the poor folk to be creative and industrious. My front yard is the 'Ghetto Wal-Mart.' I sells—at very affordable prices—almost everything from fine jewelry to fresh collard greens. Lil' Ray-Ray uses my driveway as an oil-change and car-detail shop. It's an African principle called co-operative economics, baby! Folk just need to cooperate, since the government ain't."

Pookie: "This has been 'Ghetto-nomics 101', courtesy of Grandma Pookie."

Ken Stiggers is a television producer in Jackson and host of The Lyric Lounge Thursday nights at Daiquiri World.


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