Faultline's "Your Love Means Everything" Re-issue +

"The Colossal Gray Sunshine," featuring guest vocals from the Flaming Lips, has been remixed as the emphasis track for Faultline's lost electronic classic "Your Love Means Everything", which will be re-issued in the U.S. with four new tracks on August 24th. Both versions of the song will appear on the album.

"Your Love Means Everything" also features guest vocals from Coldplay's Chris Martin, Michael Stipe, Joseph Arthur and others. Mojo called the album "exquisitely moving."

The Flaming Lips were just outgrowing their cult status when they originally recorded the track with London studio whiz Dave "Faultline" Kosten, who has remixed the song as the emphasis track on the UK and US versions of the album. It can be previewed here:

windows media 56/100

real 56/100

Faultline's Your Love Means Everything out August 24th.


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