JFP Blog Breaks Its Records Again

Our stats are in for July, and they're hot! Yep, we outdid ourselves again, showing dramatic growth in four short weeks (that MusicBlog ain't hurtin' nothin'). In July, the JFP site is averaged 1,040 visits PER DAY, the first month we broke a thousand on average. We averaged 3,209 page views a day in July, and almost broke 100,000 page views in one month (99,492 total) in July! For comparison, this is nearly three times as much traffic as we saw a few months back in December 2003. And we now have more than 300 members of the JFP site who can post as they feel like it. Thanks to all of you for helping us grow the site; more innovations and cool blogs are on their way. A special shout-out goes to Web designer Knol Aust, who after months of smart and sassy blogging on the site, offered to do some consulting work to help us get the site on a new server and bring more blogs and such online. He's done a great job, and we appreciate the hell out of his hard work. His photo is in our contributor's line-up in the paper this week; thank him for his hard work when you see him out and about with his handsome partner, Duane. Cheers, Knol! (And we're running a photo of Kenneth Stokes that Knol took back during the Medgar Evers parade.)


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