Gov. Bryant: It'd Be 'Hard to Say No To' Trump Administration Job Offer

Gov. Phil Bryant isn't sending his resume to Washington D.C. to work in the Trump administration just yet, but he told reporters today that the offer would be "hard to say no to."

"Of course, I’ve got the best job in the world, and I love being governor, and I do not expect to receive that phone call," Bryant said. "I played a minor part actually in the grand scheme of things but we will see what the president has to say. It’s not something I'll be applying for, my resume will stay in the drawer."

Bryant was hesitant to speculate too much about a possible role, but pointed to past offers he's taken.

"I just can’t say just now (whether I’d consider it) because I’ve been called by a governor and asked to take an appointment," he said. "Governors and presidents are hard to say no to, and I would say that this one would be particularly hard to say no to."

When asked about the agricultural or energy departments, Bryant discussed agriculture.

"Agriculture is near and dear to my heart, being a young man from Sunflower County whose grandparents grew up in a difficult time farming land that belonged to other people, so any way I could help farmers and agriculture in this country, I would be willing to do so if asked, but again, I think it’s something that just won’t happen."

Bryant also said that First Lady Deborah Bryant would have to give the okay as well.

"That’s the other thing, he’d have to convince her (First Lady Deborah Bryant), and I’m not sure that even Donald Trump’s that good."


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